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Total files: 3 560

Played today: 584

Overall played: 5 888 437

Total members: 81

Users online: 35 (1 member, 34 guests)
Members: scrappycat


Top 10 Players

  1. eliwhit47 (935 wins)
  2. Tasos (859 wins)
  3. Hoeft69 (190 wins)
  4. Judy (104 wins)
  5. junkyman (74 wins)
  6. niterider (72 wins)
  7. vanessa (54 wins)
  8. Snyper (53 wins)
  9. scrappycat (49 wins)
  10. drewr2002 (30 wins)
  11. pinto (19 wins)
  12. ron22 (13 wins)
  13. Honeydream (6 wins)
  14. grado63 (6 wins)
  15. sweetnessprecious (5 wins)

Most Popular

  1. Olympic Discus Throw (107 056 times)
  2. Torino 2006 Snowboarding (60 322 times)
  3. Bookworm (45 811 times)
  4. 13 Days in Hell (34 970 times)
  5. Big Air Board (31 157 times)
  6. Uphill Rush (29 935 times)
  7. Apple Shooter (29 351 times)
  8. 4 Wheel Madness (24 183 times)
  9. Mahjong Connect 1 2 (24 027 times)
  10. 9 Dragons Hexa (21 362 times)
  11. Blocks (21 265 times)
  12. Gem Swap (20 926 times)
  13. Mahjongg 3D Win XP Tiles (20 519 times)
  14. Blocks 2 (16 021 times)
  15. Twenty Numbers (15 076 times)

Newest Games

  1. Winnie Memory (312 times)
  2. Soccer Tournament (232 times)
  3. High Tide (280 times)
  4. 9-Ball (253 times)
  5. Classic Mario Bros (224 times)
  6. Pappu The Pilgrim (218 times)
  7. Paper Boy (222 times)
  8. Mice Diamond (226 times)
  9. Gold Diggers (227 times)
  10. Anti-Pacman (215 times)
  11. The Domino Knight (208 times)
  12. The Ultimate Maze (223 times)
  13. 007 Everything or Nothing (202 times)
  14. Head Defence (199 times)
  15. Blocked (267 times)


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     Scores Neurolight

Put your memory to the test. Mouse

(Played: 1 120)

     Scores Ninja Glove

You will have to be quick to beat all 21 minigames, using your mouse.

(Played: 2 110)

Nose Picker

Choose your nose !

(Played: 942)

     Scores Nuclear Eagle

You are a nuclear eagle, and you need to feed your babies, so grab up the hum...

(Played: 1 272)

     Scores Office Love

Press the mouse button to kiss. Watch out for the boss.

(Played: 2 940)

     Scores Oot n Aboot

Get you and all your friends across the road on a night out. Instruction are ...

(Played: 1 087)

Osama Sissy Fight

Punch Osama in whatever way you like

(Played: 1 185)

     Scores Ostrich Jump

Avoid all obstacles by jumping.

(Played: 709)

     Scores Panic Room

Keep bouncing the balls, they keep appearing. Use the left and right arrow keys.

(Played: 1 569)

     Scores Paper Boy

Catch up on everything using arrow keys and space to deliver.

(Played: 222)

Paper Doll

Doll dress up game. Use your mouse to click an item to add it to the Doll.

(Played: 1 319)

     Scores Paperplane Madness 2

Take on the role as a paperplane and cover as much distance as possible. Use ...

(Played: 1 360)

     Scores Parking in Venice

Parking on the road is too easy, so we have decided to take things a bit furt...

(Played: 841)

     Scores Penguin Diner

Help Penny make enough money to get back home to her family. Buy cool upgrade...

(Played: 743)

     Scores Penguins Revenge

The next Part of the famous Yeti Series. Use your mouse.

(Played: 2 668)

Pest Attack

Clean up the house - get rid of all the rats and spiders

(Played: 1 033)

     Scores pinboliada

A Zuma style game with a pinball theme.

(Played: 2 107)

Pirates Revenge

Slot machine with a pirate theme.There will be a nice loot!

(Played: 1 001)

     Scores Pixie Catch

Cute game. Instructions are in the game.

(Played: 991)

     Scores Pizza Passion

Toss your pizza as high as you can. Instructions are in the game.

(Played: 1 446)

     Scores Plupon

click on 3 dropping number to make 10 or multiples of 10. Mouse

(Played: 878)

Poker Machine

Poker slot machine

(Played: 1 197)

     Scores Presents Grabber

Grab the presents to go to the next level. Arrow Keys

(Played: 705)

Presidential Knockout

Try to knock out either of the Presidential candidates

(Played: 994)

     Scores Quixote Money

Pick up the money using the arrow keys

(Played: 873)

     Scores Rebound

Instructions are in game. Mouse

(Played: 794)

     Scores Redneck Pets

Feed your rednecks and keep them safe. Use your mouse.

(Played: 1 109)

     Scores Reindeer Game

It`s a North Pole showdown as the two sides compete for control of the ice. M...

(Played: 765)

     Scores Reindeer Training School

Help the reindeer learn how to fly.

(Played: 740)

     Scores Road Hogs

Guide the hedgehogs across the road in this quirky game. Save enough hedgehog...

(Played: 1 271)


Play the role of a Ronin in this Japanese Anime style RPG game

(Played: 859)

Roof Top Rollers

Click on the instrucments to make those cats swine

(Played: 899)

     Scores Rudolphs Revenge

Left click with mouse to hit Santa, pay attention to rudolphs thoughts, left ...

(Played: 1 036)

     Scores Run Away Train

How fast can you get around the insane sky rail network? Try to beat the cloc...

(Played: 736)

     Scores Run Sam Run

How long can you Run Sam? Get the chicken to gain enery. Mouse

(Played: 1 518)

     Scores Salvation Army Xmas

Click on the red shields for 10 points and on the Santa s for 5 points. Mouse

(Played: 775)

     Scores Santa Sack

Link up the Christmas things. Mouse

(Played: 801)

     Scores Santa Truck Parking

Park Santa truck filled with gifts to the destination point. Park exactly how...

(Played: 773)

Save Them Goldfish

Save the goldfish out of the frying pan and put them back into the acquarium.

(Played: 878)

     Scores SB No Train Go Again

Bandits are trying to derail the train. Stop them before its too late, Mouse ...

(Played: 707)

     Scores Scart Jump Level 2

Get Scart as far as you can.

(Played: 1 570)

     Scores Scooby Doo Snack Machine

Direct the snacks to Scoopy Doo use diferent machines. Use your mouse.

(Played: 1 247)

Scratch Simulator

A nice application for Dj to be

(Played: 771)

     Scores Screen kiss

Use left click to make your choice.

(Played: 1 020)

     Scores Scribble

Connect the dots starting at 1. Mouse

(Played: 1 150)

Sheep Cull

Try to hit 50 sheeps with your 50 bullets

(Played: 825)

     Scores Sheep Jumper

Jump over sheep to get points.

(Played: 973)

Shooting Salmon

Fishing Salmon with a spear

(Played: 1 005)

     Scores Shop till you drop

Catch the falling food with your shopping cart, but only food that is on your...

(Played: 1 397)


Just do what Simon Says

(Played: 923)

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