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Total files: 3 542

Played today: 1 724

Overall played: 5 235 317

Total members: 75

Users online: 90 (4 members, 86 guests)
Members: GoogleBot, Adsense, Baidu, scrappycat, niterider, eliwhit47, AgnesUwezo


Top 10 Players

  1. eliwhit47 (130 wins)
  2. Judy (107 wins)
  3. Hoeft69 (68 wins)
  4. scrappycat (37 wins)
  5. niterider (28 wins)
  6. ron22 (5 wins)
  7. patrick (4 wins)
  8. pbailey (3 wins)
  9. AgnesUwezo (1 wins)

Most Popular

  1. Olympic Discus Throw (106 459 times)
  2. Torino 2006 Snowboarding (60 058 times)
  3. Bookworm (45 419 times)
  4. 13 Days in Hell (34 644 times)
  5. Uphill Rush (29 676 times)
  6. Big Air Board (29 579 times)
  7. Apple Shooter (29 067 times)
  8. 4 Wheel Madness (23 867 times)
  9. Mahjong Connect 1 2 (23 066 times)
  10. 9 Dragons Hexa (20 911 times)
  11. Blocks (20 846 times)
  12. Gem Swap (20 547 times)
  13. Mahjongg 3D Win XP Tiles (20 124 times)
  14. Blocks 2 (15 618 times)
  15. Twenty Numbers (14 725 times)

Newest Games

  1. Zomgies 2 (977 times)
  2. Queen Jewels (2 842 times)
  3. Armored Creep Defense Easy C (919 times)
  4. Armored Creep Defense Easy B (746 times)
  5. X-Training (1 267 times)
  6. Hybra TD Hard (877 times)
  7. Hybra TD Easy (826 times)
  8. WW2 Soldier (873 times)
  9. 270 White House TD (899 times)
  10. West Gunfighter (888 times)
  11. Urban Sniper 2 Vengence (749 times)
  12. Sky Race (845 times)
  13. Superdash 2 (914 times)
  14. Mahjong connect 3 (1 546 times)
  15. Legendary Driving 3D (847 times)


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News and Updates

The Forum and Arcade site is back up. (8 October 2018 15:46)

After some checking on things I decided to keep my server plan which allows me to put the Forum and Arcade (vBulletin) back up.

Shutting down Arcade (5 October 2018 06:15)

The Arcade renews on 11/11/2018 I am not going to renew it and let it go off line on that day. It is not generating enough revenue to keep it going.

Top 3 Champions

130 wins
107 wins
68 wins

All Top Player Champions

Latest Scores 20-10-2018 16:11 eliwhit47 scored 615 playing Batter Up Amateur
20-10-2018 16:09 eliwhit47 scored 725 playing 3D Field Goal All Pro
20-10-2018 16:02 eliwhit47 scored 9 500 playing 30 Sekunden Golf Challenge
20-10-2018 15:55 eliwhit47 scored 4 playing 2 Ball Pool
20-10-2018 15:50 eliwhit47 scored 690 playing TheProfessionals II
Live Tournaments

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Cards and Casino >

     Scores Forty Thieves Solitaire

Classic Solitaire game in 3 modes.

(Played: 961)

     Scores Happy Day Solitaire

You get a white screen until it loads, Find two cards of the similar rank and...

(Played: 1 015)

     Scores Jolly Jong

Enjoy 100 unique levels of mah jongg solitaire.

(Played: 1 251)

     Scores Fairy Solitaire

Combine 2 of the same cards and try to clear the playing field as fast as pos...

(Played: 1 133)

     Scores Ancient Persia Solitaire

Solitaire with two different games inside and picturesque graphics in Persian...

(Played: 1 146)

Puzzles >

     Scores Zomgies 2

The ultimate run and gun zombie shooter Collect 15 unique weapons to kill a r...

(Played: 977)

     Scores Queen Jewels

Puzzle game Mouse

(Played: 2 842)

     Scores Mahjong connect 3

You must select two tiles there are not block from the right or left. If you ...

(Played: 1 546)

     Scores Christmas Tiles

A mahjong style game with an xmas theme

(Played: 2 251)

     Scores A Fair Day

Swap matching tiles to form groups of 3 or more

(Played: 1 109)

Sports >

Platform Golf

Platform Golf is flash 2D golf game. Non-Scoring

(Played: 891)

     Scores On Street Boarding

Skate down the road grabbing sacks of goodies and dodging road cones and road...

(Played: 1 001)

     Scores Golferrific

How good are your golfing skills? Smash the glasses on each level and try to ...

(Played: 1 003)

     Scores Santas Footy Challenge

Wait tell time runs out and then use that Submit Score link. Score as many go...

(Played: 1 007)

     Scores 20 Sekunden Golf Challenge

A 20 sec golf game. Mouse

(Played: 1 342)

Driving >

     Scores Legendary Driving 3D

In order to keep driving, you must collect fuel units. There will be some pre...

(Played: 847)

     Scores Santa Pod Racer

Run the Santa Pod Strip in the quickest time. Use arrow keys and Spacebar. Lo...

(Played: 861)

     Scores Santa Car Race

Make Santa collect gifts on his way during race event. object Collect the gif...

(Played: 901)

     Scores Mini Jeep Ride

Hold your breath and take control of your jeep. Try to get all of the coins o...

(Played: 1 005)

     Scores Micro Bike Master

Can you master the Micro Bike? Complete each level to score big.

(Played: 916)

Action >

     Scores Armored Creep Defense Easy C

Tower Defense game

(Played: 919)

     Scores Armored Creep Defense Easy B

Tower Defense game

(Played: 746)

     Scores Hybra TD Hard

Same game that is on Arcade only *I Hope* better scoring code. Use Upgrade Ho...

(Played: 877)

     Scores Hybra TD Easy

Same game that is on Arcade only *I Hope* better scoring code. Use Upgrade Ho...

(Played: 826)

     Scores 270 White House TD

This is a tower defense game where you can choose to be democrat or republica...

(Played: 899)

Shooting >

     Scores WW2 Soldier

Crack soldier in world war2. Every target counts.

(Played: 873)

     Scores West Gunfighter

This is a free online shooting game with theme of American west, the more sta...

(Played: 888)

     Scores Urban Sniper 2 Vengence

This Time, you Are Out For Pure vengeance For Your Fathers Death.

(Played: 749)

     Scores Gun Bros Lite

Join the brotherhood and fight the nefarious forces of T.O.O.L.This intense t...

(Played: 762)

     Scores Grid Runner

Nice intense funky Centipede retro remix style shooter

(Played: 802)

Space >

Sky Race

SkyRace is an addicting space racing game. Race to reach the finishing point ...

(Played: 845)

     Scores Tricky Rick 2

Space game

(Played: 836)

     Scores Fly Hard 2

Yet another threat for Planet Earth: Planet X! Hopefully, Druce Millis will s...

(Played: 857)

     Scores Onslaught Of The Glignags

Grab the pickups for your spaceship and blow away all the enemies coming at you.

(Played: 774)

     Scores A Bot

Addictive space arcade shooter with strong pixelart style graphics and dynami...

(Played: 942)

Other >

     Scores X-Training

Survive as long as possible by avoiding the coloured blocks. Arrow keys to move

(Played: 1 267)

     Scores Johnny Crash Does Texas

It is the time to relax for Johnny now Are you ready for the vocation in Texa...

(Played: 872)

     Scores Do You Believe In Santa

Can we deliver 2 billion presents to prove we still believe in Santa.

(Played: 729)

     Scores Brickscape Endurance

Lets bust some bricks

(Played: 776)

     Scores Batty Bat

Guide the bat through the caves.

(Played: 957)